What is the LSI - Seminar Series?

When you register to attend a LSI – Seminar Series, you are given unparalleled access to the philosophies and methodology that our athletic leaders & coaches utilize on a daily basis as they prepare their athletes for competition.

Attendees will leave inspired mentally and with new practical exercises to incorporate as they prepare to compete at the highest level. In between sessions, participants will have the chance to engage our coaches and get personal insight as to how these sessions can best be practiced.

What's Included - Food / Materials / Facilities

Included in the cost of each paid clinic’s registration is a meal, light refreshments throughout the day as needed and materials from all of the sessions presented and areas for notes for the participant to make about each session. 

The facilities in which these clinics will be held are exceptional. With indoor and outdoor spaces at our disposal, we will be able to accommodate even the most dynamic of weather developments.


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