Track & Field Test Drop

Track & Field Test Drop

Homer Bryce Stadium
4th April 2019

SFA Track & Field Test Drop
April 4, 2019
1-130 pm
Tokens Awarded during this 30 minute window
*Please have the TronWallet Mobile app downloaded prior to the event.


The day has finally arrived!

We will program the FIRST EVER BLOCKCHAIN POWERED TOKEN REWARDS DROP AT TRACK & FIELD before the SFA Spring Meet on Thursday, April 4, 2019.  We will have our Student Token Directors set up at the SE entrance to the track prior to the meet.

Upon arrival, simply walk up to the SFA Token Club Student Directors and any questions you might have will gladly be answered.  Then, we will send you tokens for arriving in the specified window!  Normal game attendance awards are 5 SFA Athletics tokens, but you never know…there might be a BONUS!

More to come on social media as we get closer to the big day!

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